Protein Hydrolysate Fertilizer

Proteins are the basic building blocks of living cells. Proteins are formed by the sequence of amino acids. The amino acids are organic substances consisting of an asymmetric carbon to which are bounded an amino group (-NH2), a carboxylic group (-COOH) & two characteristics radicals of each amino acid (R & R"). SUBONEYO is the leading & Largest Manufacturer in India for Protein Hydrolysate Fertilizer range of products for use in various Organic Fertilizer formulations. These are processed by using hi-tech facilities & are available in various types.

Protein based Organic Fertilizers are very good Plant Nutrients for improving overall plant growth.

Availability :

  • 20% Liquid - Protein based Organic Fertilizer available as 20% naturally sourced proteins.
  • 45-50 % Powder - Protein based Organic Fertilizer available as 50% naturally sourced proteins.

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